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Yesterday, I joined lunch at Everfresh restaurant. The lunch invitation came from Laurence who will leave Eservglobal Indonesia. She held the lunch as the farewell party, almost all Eservglobal’s employee (in Jakarta office of course) joined the lunch….who don’t likes free food 😀

Everfresh restaurant is a seafood restaurant located at Pejompongan street, nearby Karet Bivak cemetery (in the Tanah Abang district area). It’s only 3 km approximately from our office at Mega Kuningan. We went to the place around 11.45 AM. As usual when there is a crowd, I bring the camera :-p As photographer with no model yet, it quite be nice to have moment like this. At least I can release the shutter in order to prevent my EOS 1000D become dusty in the bag :))

Everfresh restaurant sell the fresh seafood, crabs, shrimps, a lot of fish varieties, eel, shellfish, you can also eat sushi and sashimi as well. I read the review in the Internet about Everfresh, we can buy the fresh fish. So after full eat the seafood, we can buy some raw fish and cook it at the home. The taste of the food at Everfresh is quite good, I can’t say it delicious. But the price is really reasonable. I couldn’t enjoy the lunch 100% because I prefered to take photos. But I always happy to take photograph of my coleagues. After the lunch, we gave Laurence a souvenir. We bought a digital photo frame with memory card inside, memory card filled by photos of everybody in the Eservglobal Indonesia. Most of the photos taken by me weeks ago. We hope it can be sweet memory for Laurence since she will leave Indonesia by the end of this month.

The above photo taken in front of Everfresh restaurant just before we left. When I was taking that photo, somebody had been left to the office (I think Lutfi and Dwi missed this shoot). To take the group photo like that, it is necessary to set the aperture as small as possible (with respect to the light meter as well). The small aperture will provide us the wide depth of field which can keep everybody in focus. I took that photo with aperature set to f/13…quiet small to let everybody’s face in focus. I didn’t need the external flash since the sun shone very bright that afternoon.

Again…using the 50mm fixed lens gave me another experience. Using the 50mm lens, pushed me to move back some meters in order to put everybody in the frame. That photo captured from the distance almost 3 meters away from the crowd. Thanks God we were on the yard, let me moving back far enough. I was reclining at the cars parked in the yard when I took that photo….no more space for me to retreat. The result is like that, Pak Imam (the man in left frame) couldn’t enter the frame 100%; also Sandro in the right frame. Sorry guys for the inconvienent. I need to change our photo spot to let you all in the frame. Or maybe I need to change the 50mm lens with the wider one…or buy Tokina ultrawide lens :)) Actually I brought the 18-55mm lens also, but I was too lazy to change the lens. Nevertheless I still love 50mm lens. The sharpness of 50mm lens makes me love it more and more. I don’t know how it will be after I bought the other lens. But compared to the kit lens 18-55mm, I choose 50mm definitely.

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