Day Two In Surabaya

This is another of my stories from Surabaya.

This morning I woke up at 6.30 am morning. After take a bath, I was planned to take breakfast, but I got stuck watching Superman Return at HBO. Actually I’ve watch this movie on DVD but this movie is so good, so I watch again. I went to restaurant at 8.10 am. Wow..the restaurant was so full. I couldn’t get table to eat. It’s about 5 minutes I confuse where I must eat my meal. Should I take breakfast with stand up? Thanks God, finally I got table. The restaurant was so full maybe because so many people stay in this hotel in this long holiday. At 9 am, our client’s driver picked me and my friends and taken us go to office.

The big event today is performing user acceptance test. It’s showing to the client how to failover server. Two servers that include in this demo are database server and applications server; the other device include in this demo is storage. This demonstation perform how to failover database server to applications server, vice versa. When database server down, applications server must take over database server’s function. So applications server will perform 2 function in the same time. Not only that, the other way scenario was performed also. How to failover applications server to the database server. Database server will run database jobs itself and run applications server jobs too.

After perform that demonstration, I was busy made some documentations about failover server. All day long we stayed in office. For lunch and dinner, we got meal…our client’s was so generous. A lot of food (snack & meal) given to us 🙂 . We went back to hotel at 9.30 pm. So tired. All day long I just sit in front of my laptop but now I feel so tired…so weird.

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  1. @ jesie : i got “new” laptop…S Series. but it has some problem also 🙁 weird keyborad and touchpad. Our office never heared what their engineer needs.

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