Picasa On Linux

Since I’ve collected many pictures from my camera, I used Picasa for manage them. Usually I using Picasa for Windows on my notebook, because in office I use Windows for work. Beside Microsoft Windows, I also installed Ubuntu Linux on my notebook. Sometimes I prefer to use Ubuntu especially when I using my notebook at home.

When I used Ubuntu, I got stuck to see my pictures collections which lay on Windows partitions. Ubuntu has F-Spot Photo Manager to provide the user a software for managing their photo collections. But I don’t like F-Spot Photo Manager, it doesn’t have good feature and poor of their user interface.

This morning I tried to search whether Google provide Picasa for Linux user. Good for Google that provide us Linux version of Picasa. I just download them from Picasa site. They provide three types of Picasa for Linux : *rpm installer, *deb installer, and *bin installer. Although I use Ubuntu which using Debian based software management, I prefer to get *bin installer. So I download the installer : picasa-2.2.2820-5.i386.bin.

For me, the *bin installer more easy to use. The step for install Picasa are like this :

  1. To have the installer become executable, I change them using chmod command like this :
    root@tedy:/home/tedy# chmod a+x picasa-2.2.2820-5.i386.bin
  2. After that I just run them like run a executable script :
    root@tedy:/home/tedy# ./picasa-2.2.2820-5.i386.bin
  3. When I run them, the installation wizard will pop up, and it’s easy for me to just follow their instructions. Same like Windows installation wizard, just click Next and Next 😀 By default Picasa will put the installation on /opt/picasa.
  4. Yup…installation process completed for very short time. To start Picasa, just type the bin file :
    root@tedy:/usr/bin# /opt/picasa/bin/picasa
    See the Picasa on my Ubuntu Linux; it’s very similar with my Picasa that run on my Windows OS.

picasa on linux

Thanks for Google to care with Linux user like me 🙂

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