Surabaya (part 7) – Fujitsu Siemens Guys

I just got bored yesterday stay all day long in hotel. So I made myself busy with make a comic. What comic I was made yesterday? I looked at my photo collection first and I got an idea to make comic about my friends at Fujitsu Siemens Computer Germany. I taken a lot of photo when I attended training at Paderborn Germany last month. From those photo I chose some photos to be my comic. Here the results 🙂 :

Last night, I sent the comic to all my friend at Paderborn. Glad to hear that some of them like my comic. They can laugh when see my comic and read the comments. I heard that my friend Ralf already printed my comic and put that on their office 😀 . Maybe next time I must make another comic about Fujitsu Indonesia guys. But right now I don’t have enough photo of them.  Maybe when I go back to Jakarta, I must take photo of my friends at Fujitsu Indonesia so I can make my comic as soon as possible 🙂 .

8 thoughts on “Surabaya (part 7) – Fujitsu Siemens Guys

  1. @ jesie : are you CISCO certified network engineer? I think you look like a virus buster :))

    ** masa udah certified kerjanya bersihin virus komputer doank ***

  2. eanjrit…..*lempar bom ke TT*

    ehm….sekarang gw udah membaptis diri gw sendiri dengan kondisi “all in one” engineer :p

    Virus yuk, Windows Yuk, Linux hayo, PC atawa Server nyok…..teuing ah, nu di luhur oge gak jelas saha bos saha anak buah :))

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