Finally, they just give me a decision….I’ve choose this one beside some other big opportunity:

Feeling happy? I don’t know, maybe I’ve already going crazy and loose my logic thought.

14 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Be grateful…consider this as a way of our maturity development on deciding a decision.

    btw,….you’re not showing me the $$$ below :))

  2. @ Jesie : very hard for me to learn how to decide it wisely…but thanks anyway for the support. Maybe you can see directly to my letter to see the $$$ :))

  3. ok mas tedy,proficiat
    hopefully more and more experience sharing will comes in the future

    and do not forget to inform us whenever garage sale on progress, especially primepower and primavera on sale or even stylistic πŸ˜€

  4. Selamat untuk promosinya πŸ˜€ semoga terus semakin sukses.
    Blognya juga bagus sekali, banyak berbagai pengetahuan untuk yang lainnya. Salut, dan terimakasih. Teruskan berbagi untuk kita semua ya.

  5. Huahauhauahauhaha………Makin seneng gue denger orang yang milih akal sehat dibanding akal yang lebih sehat :))

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