Work With OpenSource? Forget It

It’s not easy to work using open source operating system like Ubuntu Linux. Here is the example :

fujitsu mail

This morning I tried to open Fujitsu mail server from my home, browsing it using SeaMonkey web browser installed on my Ubuntu desktop. It was rejected by the SSL gateway. Theoretically I must used Windows to get access to Fujitsu mail server. It’s because SSL gateway will installed some application like host checker to check whether my computer using Windows OS, using correct anti virus software that comply with company policies. SSL gateway also check whether my Windows already joined into Fujitsu domain or not. So when I use Linux, I can’t access Fujitsu SSL gateway. I don’t understand security things a lot, but what I know is that the policy isn’t friendly with open source user.

8 thoughts on “Work With OpenSource? Forget It

  1. how about change the webmail server using open source solution or activate the Outlook Web Access (OWA) on exchange server? I can open my inbox from another office that use exchange server as their webmail :))

  2. @ milsumirahcub : of course the simple solution is like you said, but for the company as big as Fujitsu? Who am I can change the system? 😀

  3. so …. i thought
    it is more comfortable for you to use yahoo or gmail as your mailbox for working :-P. just announce it to your customer. i think it is more easy then you have to change the system 😀

    perhaps, in fujitsu, they did not have a good system administrator whose can maintain mail server using ‘open source platform’. who knows ? 🙂

  4. a while a go i had trouble opening OMS on linux using firefox or konqueror, but then i realize its not the Ubuntu got troubled,its the OMS systems lack of friendliness and open, so how do i solved it? i used IE4 Linux because its OMS suxs is using

    So its not easy to use but once you know it,it’ll be just smooth.

  5. @ jesie : of course we can use something like IE4 for Linux, but if for the security reason system will check your OS & your anti virus what must we do then?

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