Don’t Disturb My Sleep

I really hate when something disturb my sleep. Like this morning, I just woke with bad mood because my neighbour play the damn Diana Krall’s music so loud. I like jazz music, but it was so irrittatting to hear it in the sleeping time. Especially I just go to bed this morning around 5 am. Stupid Diana Krall … I really really hate any disturbance to my sleeping time. Not only loud music like this morning, any noisy thing in the morning could make me awake….yeah maybe I’m to selfish but I don’t want my sleep terminate because things like people making conversation in front of my room with damn loud voice,  or the crazy maid sings dangdut in the morning,  or somebody turn the TV on with loud volume. Maybe I must put the large sign at my doorabout : KEEP IT SILENT, STUPID!!!

5 thoughts on “Don’t Disturb My Sleep

  1. You obviously had the wrong time of the day to sleep, especially when you don’t live alone. It’s just the way it works man..
    Well you’re not the only one,
    I had only few hours sleep and woke up with headache 🙁
    But hey, you can always use earplug 😀
    but for now let’s get some coffeeeeeeeee yay *.*

  2. @ JP : hahahahahaha…your switch has removed by technician 😀 it’s not the solution for people who talking too loud. I’ll make big SIGN on my door :-p

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