Problem With X Server – part 2

Last night I reinstall OpenSUSE in my laptop (you can read here for background story).

Today in office I tried to install Yahoo Messenger again in my OpenSUSE. From information I read last night, Yahoo Messenger for Linux is suspect for problem like that. Just for make you understand, yesterday when I installed Yahoo Messenger for Linux, I didn’t reboot my laptop until I went home. So that I just realized that my Linux crashed when I was in home. This afternoon, as soon as I finished install YM, I reboot my laptop….guest what? Same problem came back.

Thanks Gods, I found several good posts in Internet that discuss about problem like one I have…see here and here for example. From several source, I tried to take conclusion : I think at least there are 3 step that can save me from reinstalled my Linux 😀

  1. Delete file .ICEauthority and file .xinitrc on my home directory.
    # cd /home/tedy
    # rm .ICEauthority
    # rm .xinitrc
  2. Delete /tmp directory and create another one :
    # su - root
    # rm -rf /tmp
    # mkdir /tmp
    # chmod 1777 /tmp
  3. Run sax2 tool for reconfigure X86Config file.
    # su - root
    # sax2
  4. Restart X session manually using this command :
    # su - root
    # rcxdm restart
  5. After X session appears, I reboot my laptop and when it came up I could login successfully into my OpenSUSE.
  6. To make sure that OpenSUSE was fine, I tried to reboot my laptop several times. Until now, it running well.

Yahoo Messenger for Linux create .xinitrc file for make YM start when Linux startup. This one the root cause of these problem. Thanks for all you guys that share your experiences and your skill in the Internet ^:)^ .

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