Which One More Faster?

This morning I did a little experiment to compare which one more fast, my PC or my laptop (my office’s laptop exactly 😀 ). It’s really dummy experiment by the way. I’ve tried to run Ubuntu 7.04 Live CD on both computer.My PC is spesifications are Intel Pentium IV 2,66 GHz with 512MBmemory installed. No additional graphic card used, just using onboard graphic card. My laptop is Fujitsu S Series with Intel Pentium Mobile inside; it has 1,6 GHz processor speed. It has same memory size with my PC, 512 MB.

With my cellphone as stopwatch, I write down that my PC run Ubuntu faster than my laptop. Since boot until desktop ready to use, it just need 2 minutes and 15 seconds. My laptop need more time, it’s need 4 minutes and 9 seconds.

Before run this dummy experiment I guess that both of them will need same time to run live cd Linux. The reason I thought like that because two computer have some memory size. But I was wrong, in this situations (two system have same memory size) processor speed was take more responsibility to system performance. He..he..he..really a dummy experiment.

Maybe there are some other factor that I didn’t measure in this experiment, like optical drive speed and total hardware inside the system. Optical drive speed should gave impact to system that run live cd operating system, because all part of operating system was lay on cd. Total hardware that installed in the system maybe become another factor, more hardware will cause OS need more time to recognize each of them. My laptop have more hardware like bluetooth adapter, wireless adapter, firewire, modem.

So I think it’s not fair to say that my PC is more faster than my laptop if we count two last factor that I explain above. For conclusion let say if two system have same configurations except processor speed, we can guess system with faster processor will running live cd operating system more fast than the other one.

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